Details of Agile Estimating and Planning Course

As we all know that, the agile process is an important part of the testing in the project we should concentrate more on it. The expertise and skilled candidates will be appointed on the agile process testing. Now, the candidates who overcome the problems of the agile process are very less in number. And the team members who have involved in the agile process will be advised to prepare the estimation and the planning design of the agile process. It can be easily made by the candidate who has learned this agile estimating and planning training course. Thus the candidates will try to learn this course to prepare the proper estimation for the testing process.

What the course is about?

The Agile estimating and planning training course also involves the agile process. The agile process will come on testing areas. Once the project is completed, it will send to the testing areas. In that the agile process will be tested. Huge errors and the interruptions will be raised on this testing. So, the candidates who are appointed on the agile process testing should prepare the effective planning and estimation for the project. Only then they can able to move further for the project.

This training course will be conducted within two days. This training course will explain various plans to be implemented in the agile process. As per the planning, the estimation for the process will be prepared. Thus the effective tricks will be taught to the candidates to design the efficient planning and estimation process.


Who can do this course?

Before getting inside to the course, the candidates should think to know about the eligible candidates for this course. They are listed as follows.

  • Business analysts.
  • Agile process programmers.
  • Program developers.
  • Software developers.
  • Project managers.
  • Any person who has an interest on agile process.

The benefits of this course

While completing this course, the candidates will be expecting the benefits. The candidates who have learned the agile estimating and planning course Dubai will get the following outcomes.

  • Brief introduction to agile concept.
  • Traditional planning and estimation for the agile process will be maintained.
  • Work with the agile life-cycle diagram.
  • Learn about affinity sizing, poker planning, complexity buckers and ideal days.
  • Real world case studies and examples will be taught.
  • Release and iteration planning.
  • Learn about re-estimation and calibration processes.


This is the course where the candidates can complete within two days. The candidates can learn this course either in online or offline mode. There are many institutes are available to teach this course. But the candidates should choose the best one among that. Now, the candidates will be getting the certificating for this course. This certification is much helpful to get a job for the fresh graduates. Since, it is a two-day course, so the candidates will not feel any difficulties in learning this course. They can learn with full interest. And finite plans will be introduced by the candidates for the agile process.

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