Develop the Skills with Devops Training

The devops training has been designed for a trainee to make him a technical practitioner who is certified in hands on training. The tools and the techniques used are the best for continuous development.  It includes various components such as:-

  • continuous development
  • continuous integration
  • continuous deployment
  • Continuous monitoring
  • continuous testing
  • configuration management

All the above components are being performed for the development of the life cycle of the software’s. The devops certification in Mumbai has been developed to enhance the skills of the trainees in the terms of software development.  The training is provided to the students so that they become a DevOps practitioner. Once the trainee learns all the concepts, he/she will be certified for the particular course.

The devops instructor helps and guides in the following ways:-

  • it helps the trainees in understanding the DevOps Ecosystem
  • It also helps the trainees in learning about the automatic source code management and the continuous integration.
  • It also helps in understanding and building the automation tests and helps in delivering the pipelines as well as the automation tests.
  • It also helps in understanding the concepts of containerization by explaining the differences between various variables.
  • It helps in maintaining the creative concepts and helps in the assistance of the docker files.
  • The clients are also able to learn the configuration management and the master of the agent architecture concept as well.
  • The concept of catalogue compilation is also understood.
  • The clients are also able to Execute the projects live.
  • Helps in mastering the popular tools which are used to develop the skills in the additional paced courses such as the presentations, recordings, assignments, solutions for the tools provided.

Tools available for the software

  • chef training – it basically includes the following :-
  • Covers Introduction,
  • Node Object & Search options
  • Data-bags and information
  • Chef environment
  • Deploying of the Nodes in Production by using the Open Source Chef Servers.
  • ansible training is also a part of the tools of the software


The following trainees can opt for this course:-

  • IT professionals
  • Systems Admins
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Solutions Architect
  • Release Engineers
  • Cloud Professionals

During the Training Exercises involves the following:-

  • Pulling out a java web application with a help of source code whichever may be available on the hub.
  • Building & running test cases
  • Using a Docker to create an instance to run the test cases of the unit.
  • Building a pipeline which may be modified in order to spin or delete the images or test the cases.
  • Building a pipeline for the dynamic run test case of acceptance.
  • Cleaning up of the images when the tests are complete.
  • Allowing the integration of various programmes for scripting.

The value of the practitioners who are developing themselves in this field is increasing day by day.  The market value of the course is increasing rapidly and the strength of the practitioners can be seen from their skills.

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