Reasons to buy a Washer Dryer

Washing machines and dryers have become less a luxury and more a necessity in the modern world. The first washer dryer was developed and launched in the middle of the 20th century and was a revolution in home laundry. Now they’re commonplace and you may be wondering whether one is right for you and your home. Here are some of the main reasons you should choose a washer dryer.

Space Saver

As you’d expect with a machine that combines both washing and tumble drying facilities you’re saving space. Rather than having both machines separate they’re in a single unit so your clothes can be washed and dried in one cycle. It’s a great option for smaller homes or flats and although you may not always need to use the drying function, in the height of summer for example, it’s a great additional facility to have when it is needed.

Freestanding and Integrated Models

Like all modern appliances you can have your washer dryer as a freestanding unit or it can be built into your fitted kitchen. They can even be hidden by a cupboard door so keep the theme across your kitchen consistent. Before you make your purchase make sure you get your measurements right.

Reasons to buy a Washer Dryer

Volume Matters

The placement of your washer dryer will determine just how annoying its noise will be. All models do generate a degree of noise which you can heck by looking at its energy efficiency label. The noise will be shown in decibels and the lower the number, the quieter the machine. If you live in a small or an open plan home you’ll probably want a machine which is on the quieter side.

Speed Efficiency

You can check the speed of a washer dryer via the RPM figure on its label. The higher the number the faster the spin and therefore the dryer the washing theoretically will be. You can check how long a normal wash takes and also see if the machine you’ve chosen has a quick wash option. These are all relevant factors in your final decision as you’ll want to ensure you can get as much washing as you need done in the time you have to do it.

Size Range

Washer dryers come in a huge variety of different drum sizes. The size of the drum and its capacity are usually represented in kilograms and the average machine would usually be between 5 and 8 Kg. There are larger capacity machines with up to 11kg drum allowance and the added bonus is most of the machines on the market, whatever their size, will fit in a normal sized kitchen.

Budget Friendly

There are machines available to suit almost every budget. A huge range of popular kitchen brands produces their own washer dryers and in line with this you’ll see a range of prices. Whether you need a budget model or top of the range there is a machine on the market which will suit your needs.

Buying a washer dryer is a quick solution to all your home laundry problems. One unit for all functions is clearly a positive move.

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